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There is now an 'official' rule prohibiting AFK machines.

Your play time will be reset to zero if you are caught using an AFK machine. Further violations of this rule will result in a permanent ban.

Thank you for your cooperation.

We have implemented a new rank system with names based on Starfleet ranks. Hoot and I are pretty big Star Trek fans and we thought this would be a cool little addition to our server. We have added a great many more ranks to the new system to reward our players for spending time on our server.

With the change in ranks also comes a change in the rank-based rewards. In order to encourage our players to vote daily, Enjin Points will be awarded for ranking up instead of Towny town blocks and ingame currency.

10 Enjin Points and 50 ingame currency will still be awarded for every vote, for a total of 30 Enjin Points and 150 ingame currency daily for voting on all 3 sites.

Towny town block packages will be added to the shop for purchase with Enjin Points. Each package will include town blocks and the appropriate amount of ingame currency to claim those town blocks. (For example, a 5-block package will include 125 ingame currency.)

As always, we appreciate feedback from our players. Please feel free to post any comments, questions, criticisms, or suggestions here or in our Forum.

[Fleet Admiral] GatekeeperTDS
dalhome3 I think the way that Star Trek ranks is awesome because of the way that it works with the whole technology thing.

Our upgrade and configuration are complete! We look forward to seeing everyone again!

Update your client to TechWorld 2 1.1.7

Let us know what you think of the new spawn system!

keithwaltr Team speak hates me i think its the .eu
num1Pbatfan well then the temptation to not grief worked! than again I never had a temptation to grief
num1Pbatfan I love the new spawn system ! however, in some of the spawn warps, when you get out to 500 blocks theres not much of the ...
Our recent server problems (lag, crashes, etc.) have been caused by issues with our current map, which has been up for over 4 months now. The nature of SMP Minecraft and especially modded Minecraft means that there is always the possibility of errors, which sometimes can't be corrected except with a fresh start.

We understand a world reset may be frustrating to some users, but the staff at TechLand are looking at the fresh start in a positive way and we encourage our players to see it this way as well. We have had recent requests from both staff and players for a map reset, as the vast majority of players have reached an end game scenario with not much else to do.

We are going to upgrade to TechWorld 2 version 1.1.7, which is the latest available from FTB right now. We will keep the server in whitelist only mode for a day or two while we get things in order and make sure all our mods and plugins are functioning correctly. After this, we will allow players to join again.

Since this will be a fresh start for everyone, we will not be refunding any items. Active donators can contact me or Adrian in game once the server comes up and we will refund any donator items that you lost (anchors, Ender quarries, etc.). We will also give any active players some extra in-game money to help you reestablish your towns.

Thank you for your patience during this transition, and we hope to see you on the server again soon! Please feel free to contact me via Enjin message if you have any questions.

I_eat_cake I can't wait for the new map! ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ
captaindyer do you know how long it will take to set up? i have no experience in servers so i have no idea
DaanvanDongen we all knew it would happenn once anyways and it cant be resisted im actually quitte happy with a fresh start (but i wo ...

Due to recent ongoing issues with our service, we have decided to switch to a new host. The move is taking place now and should be finished in 4 hours or less. TechLand-MC will be down during this time.

We will post a new IP address once we have it so players can connect while DNS propagates.

gothroach Glad to hear that you're moving to a new host! I know how much work it can be to move datacenters though, I wish you lu ...
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